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man hammering for sale sign

Sell House by Owner or Realtor

If you’re struggling to figure out if you should sell by owner or with a Florida realtor, you’re not alone. This is a constant dilemma for homeowners to figure out which selling strategy is right for them. Each has its pros and cons, and selling by owner’s biggest draw is the potential savings that otherwise … Continued

Condo for sale in Florida

Best Time To Sell A Condo In Florida

Are you considering selling your condo? When it comes to selling a condo, it’s not like selling a house. You’ll soon find out that the selling strategy is a little different, staging is important, and time of year also plays a factor in the success of your sale. To make this entire process end with … Continued

House for sale by owner sign

How To Sell Your House By Owner In Florida

It comes as no surprise that you’re interested in selling your house by yourself. No doubt you’ve heard about all the advantages that come with selling by owner, chief among them being the amount of money you can save on real estate agent commissions. Anything that could save you money is worth looking into. But … Continued

an abandoned property for sale

A Guide On Selling Abandoned Property

Do you own an abandoned property? Have you ever considered selling? In 2018 nearly 18% of Florida housing units were sitting vacant, that is roughly 1.7 million abandoned homes. If you own one of those abandoned properties selling right now would be a good idea. Currently, the housing market is holding strong in Gainesville and … Continued