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Selling to Cash Home Buyers in FL Online

Selling Your House Online in Florida

It is possible to buy and sell anything online in the current high-tech world, and selling a house is no exception. In fact, according to the research, 52% of homeowners found their homes online. Unfortunately, to sell your house online is as risky as it is easy. Whether you are selling your house to a … Continued

Sell a flooded house in Florida

Selling a Flooded House in Florida

Florida offers residents great year-round weather, warm sunshine, and picturesque beaches. But as everyone knows, the downside to living in Florida are hurricanes, thunderstorms, and of course, the risk of flooding.  If you own a home affected by flood damage, it’s hard to know what to do next if you’re hoping to sell the place. … Continued

Sell Your House for Cash

Need to Sell Your House for Cash? Here’s How You Do It!

Contemplating the opportunity to sell your house for cash is a big decision. Is it worth allowing investors to buy it? Or are you opening up the doors to a world of regret?  There is an influx in real estate investors who advertise that they buy houses for cash, and while some may be legitimate, … Continued

Sell a Flooded House in Gainesville

How to Sell a Flooded House in Gainesville, Florida

What will you do if your Gainesville, Florida house floods? And how will you sell a flooded house? This nightmare scenario is the kind of thing Florida homeowners stay up nights thinking about. It might not seem likely but the truth is that flooding happens, especially if you live in an area close to a … Continued

Sell a House in Foreclosure in Gainesville FL

Can You Sell a House in Foreclosure in Gainesville FL?

Foreclosure is certainly a term that doesn’t bring along any positive associations. Most homeowners strive to avoid foreclosure in FL at any cost and are ready for selling a house if it means avoiding foreclosure. Foreclosure in FL is not always something that you expect or have planned for. Perhaps an unexpected situation has resulted … Continued

Selling a House That Needs Repairs

Can You Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

If you own a Gainesville home that’s in need of some work but are hoping to sell, your options may feel a bit limited. Should you invest money in a house, you’re about to turn around and sell? Would the repairs fit within the timeframe you need to sell and move? Better yet, do you … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Capital Gains Tax Florida

Capital Gains Tax Florida – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re wondering what to expect when selling your house, you’ve probably already started a to-do list. There are many topics to research, from realtors to moving companies. But you might not have heard about the capital gains tax. Taxes vary from state to state. It can be a challenge to keep track of everything … Continued

Sell Your House with a Tax Lien

How to Sell Your House with a Tax Lien in Gainesville, Florida

Dealing with debt and owing money is always difficult, especially when it gets to the point that you have a lien against your property for something as serious as unpaid taxes, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. But the good news is you do have options. Often homeowners forget that they own and live in … Continued

Sell Your Land Online in Florida

Sell Your Land Online in Florida

Selling land in Florida is not an easy task. When we often think of selling real estate in Florida, we think of houses or condos. These are real estate opportunities most market buyers understand well. Land, however, usually requires a certain type of buyer. Most buyers don’t have the time, financial considerations, or foresight to … Continued

Sell Your House As Is in Florida

Can You Sell Your House As Is in Florida? Yes, You Can!

There are several different reasons you might be asking about selling my house as-is. Whether you are looking for a quick and straightforward sale or looking to save time and money, you might be asking yourself, can I sell my house as-is? Maybe you’re not even sure what it means to sell my house as-is … Continued

how to sell land in Gainesville Florida without a realtor

3 Tips To Sell Land Without A Realtor In Gainesville Florida

If you’re the proud owner of some land in Gainesville and are entertaining selling the property, listing by owner is a great way to sell your land. Selling land is entirely different than selling a home which means you should be able to do it on your own easily. The advantage of selling land by … Continued

Gainesville FL Companies That Buy Houses For Cash | Sell Home Fast

Sell House by Owner or Realtor

If you’re struggling to figure out if you should sell by owner or with a Florida realtor, you’re not alone. This is a constant dilemma for homeowners to figure out which selling strategy is right for them. Each has its pros and cons, and selling by owner’s biggest draw is the potential savings that otherwise … Continued

Condo for sale in Florida

Best Time To Sell A Condo In Florida

Are you considering selling your condo? When it comes to selling a condo, it’s not like selling a house. You’ll soon find out that the selling strategy is a little different, staging is important, and time of year also plays a factor in the success of your sale. To make this entire process end with … Continued